5 Best gaming mouse for Fortnite

5 Best gaming mouse for Fortnite

The name “fortnight” has taken the world by storm ever since its release. And to be honest, apart from PUBG, Fortnite is the second highest grossing games ever released in this world. As far as sales and business goes, Fortnite has one of the highest grossing sales rate ever existed in the economics of the world. But, playing this game comes also with the fact of the need of proper equipment. In this article, we will discuss about the best gaming mouse for Fortnite. 

Before starting along with this article, there are some things that I need to clear up. Firstly, none of the products in this list are being compared. Neither they are being ranked. Which means that the periodical order in which the products are discussed,but has nothing to do with their ranking. We are only giving you the list of the best available products in no order or ranking. Which means, further you can choose any of the product as you want. We have compiled these products with several factors. Factors such as low budget, best performance, highest quality, highest sales, highest positive rating and so on. 

Outline of the article 

This whole article is divided into 3 sections. The first part will be discussed on the products itself. However, in that section, we will discuss about the basic details, specifications, pros and cons of each of the products. 

In the second part, we will discuss about a basic/ beginners buyers guide. Moreover, we will discuss the basic and fundamental details that you need to remember. In addition, this will help any user or customer to find just the perfect product for any purpose. As such type of product is physically interacted, the experience varies from person to person. And that is exactly why, the buyers guide is important. Just so that the customer/ you are able to choose just the perfect product that is needed.

Sometimes, the best is not always the perfect. And sometimes the perfect is not always the best. So, the buyers guide will help every user and reader of this article to bridge the gap between best and perfect and what is most suitable for each of the individuals reading this. 

The third part of the article will be discussed on basic maintenance and performance of each of the products. We will be discussing all of the products individually as there are no ranking or comparison. But still come up for the sake of conversation we will be mentioning some of the best items in this list. 

Fantech basic wired gaming mouse X9 

Firstly, if we’re talking about gaming mouse and we don’t take the name of fantech, it would literally be a crime. Fantech has been around the equipment and gaming accessories manufacturing industry for nearly a decade now. Moreover it has one of the highest reputation in this industry. This product features one of the most minimalist look yet high performance capability in today’s list. 

Fantech basic wired gaming mouse X9

The mouse is equipped with RGB lighting system with seven macro buttons that are totally programmable. Above all, it focuses with a 4800 DPI claw grip comfortable laser system. Which makes sure the best the response and latency at all time. 

The mouse is available in three different colors and also each of the buttons can be programmable with any action that the user requires. 

Let’s have a look at the detailed specifications of the mouse before looking into further information of the product. 

Specifications of the product 

  • 12 different DPI level 
  • Fully adjustable and programmable button 
  • Six gear roller action 
  • Ultra comfortable 
  • Best for entry level gaming mouse 
  • X9 special RGB lighting 

Pros of the product 

  • Best in entry level 
  • RGB 
  • Programmable button 
  • 6 button 
  • Comfortable DPI settings 

Negative sides of the product 

  • Material of the wire is not durable enough 


If we’re talking about entry level gaming mouse, then this product has the highest possibility of being included into the list of best gaming mouse for Fortnite. In addition it features a distinguished and creative look all over its body with ripple and special gaming features such as RGB lighting, flat head surface stop, customizable button, seven colors LED lighting with RGB fusion controlling system, DPI settings and so on. 


However this product is available in six different color combinations. That is to say, you have just the perfect visualization for what you want. With different DPI selection option, it has one of the best results in terms of latency and sensitivity in terms of being one of the interlevel mice. 

Specifications of the product 

  • Wireless 
  • Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity 
  • RGB lighting 
  • Seven color L add 
  • Programmable button new lines haven’t button 

Positive sides of the product 

  • Amazing LED lights 
  • Best for low budget 
  • Wireless 
  • High response rate 

Negative sides of the product 

  • Batteries tend to last less due to excessive lighting 

Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse 

With this product, we are stepping into one of the most popular items in today’s list. However Razer is basically considered as the godfather in the industry of gaming mouse and keyboard manufacturing. This company only focuses on gaming equipment and accessories manufacturing such as mice, keyboards, gaming chairs and so on. 

Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse

With the company’s latest RGB fusion and high performance mechanism, it has made its way onto one of the best sellers of all time in today’s list. And it is considerably one of the best gaming mouse for Fortnite. 

The product is packed with tons of features and high quality gadgets with 6400 DPI optical sensor, it is literally the highest in this budget range. With more than 23,000 positive ratings on Amazon marketplace and also with 4.5 stars average rating, it is simply one of the best selling and best performing gaming mouse ever. 

With all of the features and all of the quality, you might be thinking that the price range of such a mouse that has more than 23,000 sales, would have been quite a product of higher budget. And you are wrong. The mouse is currently on sale right now with a 54% price drop!. Currently, the price of this mouse is just $22.99. 

Specifications of the product 

  • 6400 DPI optical sensor 
  • 5 programmable button 
  • Mechanical switch 
  • Rubber side grips 
  • Attractive mercury white color 

Positive sides of the product 

  • High sensitivity of sensor 
  • Programmable buttons 
  • Lifetime warranty of service and one year replacement warranty 
  • Mechanical switch 
  • High performance precision optical laser 

Negative sides of the product 

  • Only one color available 

Red dragon M901 wired gaming mouse 

If you want something that is not entry level at all and starting to get into the professional zone, then this product is for you. This peculiar looking device might seem not that much to you at first glance. But with 12,400 DPI optical sensor, this is one of the best sensitivities that you are going to get within the price tag of just less than $33. This mouse is one of the best in line for the consideration of best gaming mouse for Fortnite. 

Red dragon M901 wired gaming mouse

Why? The reason is pretty simple, firstly fortnite is a game with a vast controlling option and severely high paced games. The matches are intense and even the millisecond of a delay of finding a proper button can cause losing a match. Certainly, with such a versatile controlling mechanism of a game, this mouse is one of the best and considerably one of the top three products in today’s list. 

Moreover, the mouse has 19 different programmable buttons. Yes, you heard that right. 19 different buttons. It also comes with its dedicated fire system. Which makes one single click into three individual clicks with just 0.2 seconds interval. 

Specifications of the product 

  • 12,400 DPI 
  • 18 dedicated programmable buttons, one extra for extra precision 
  • Tuning of weight 
  • 18 weight tuning options 

Positive sides of the product 

  • Extremely suitable for gaming, specially for Fortnite 
  • High performance wire and physical output 
  • Precision weight distribution 
  • Ideal for extreme gaming purpose

Negative sides of the product 

  • Not quite suitable for regular/ day-to-day usage 

Razer Viper mini ultra light gaming mouse 

If you are on a tight budget yet you want nothing but the premium products, then razer has you covered. This product that we’re talking about features a high precision sensor with 8500 DPI, chroma RGB feature with underglow lighting, six programmable buttons and so on. Above all, the mouse is specifically designed for gaming purpose as the cable is also properly designed with drag free material. 

Razer Viper mini ultra light gaming mouse

With more than 22,000 positive ratings on Amazon with 4.5 stars average rating, it is considerably the second best product in today’s list. To be honest, every single product from razer has the same output in both customers and market analysts. On the other hand, the price of the product on a regular basis is just $39.99. Just for this week, the product is on a 25% sale. Which makes the price of the product just around $29.99. 

Specifications of the product 

  • 8500 DPI 
  • Chroma RGB 
  • Six programmable buttons 
  • Drag free cord 
  • High precision optical sensor 
  • Best selling product 

Positive sides of the product 

  • 6 programmable buttons 
  • High precision 
  • Long lasting durability 
  • Long lasting performance quality 
  • Two years extended warranty 
  • One year replacement guarantee 
  • Free servicing 

Negative sides of the product 

  • No color variations 
Buyers guide 

In this part of this article, we will be discussing some details on beginners buyers guide. Before starting on with the information, let me clear something to you. This buyers guide has been designed for extremely beginners and intermediate users. If you already know your equipment, then this section might not be able to help you out that much. All of the products have been given in this list not because of their rank in their political order, but solely because of their performance. We are not ranking or comparing any of the products with one another in this same list. 

This buyers guide will help you in terms of determining the small factors that you need to look out for when purchasing the best gaming mouse for Fortnite. 

DPI sensor 

DPI basically means dots per inch. Which means the precision of the sensor of the mouse that it is able to put and also it determines quite a lot in terms of the latency of the mouse. If you want a mouse that is giving you better precision in terms of sensitivity, you should get something with higher DPI. 

More button equals to better? 

No it doesn’t. Having more buttons on your gaming mouse sometimes helps you out a lot. But getting a lot of buttons within a really low price range definitely means that you will be compensating for some of the performance capabilities. So if you see a mouse that has a lot of buttons but still with a really low price lynch, be assured that the mouse will not be as much precise as you would expect it to be. 

Wired mouse act faster than wireless 

Doesn’t matter how much precision your wireless mouse is giving. Always remembered that wired mouse gives the best response and best precision. As the wireless connectivity is never going to be as same as wired connectivity. If precision and sensitivity is all that you need and not the style and utter comfort, then we would recommend you to get wired mouse instead of wireless products. 

Should I get more buttons in my gaming mouse? 

Depends on the usage. If you really need a lot of buttons in your mouse, then it is probably best for your cause to get one that has a higher budget range. More feature never means the better performance. If your mouse has more feature but a really low price, be sure that it will compensate for performance. 

Wired or wireless which one makes a better gaming mouse? 

As you are looking for the best gaming mouse for Fortnite, it is quite possible that you should get a wired mouse. But if you have a higher amount of budget, you could Go for wireless as well. the ultimate point is precision. Fortnite requires a lot of precise movements and also a lot of continuous movements. 


In this article, we have discussed the best gaming mouse for Fortnite. If you have any questions please let us know. You can let us know either via the comment section or via the communication method directly given down below in this page. If you have any questions regarding any of the products or if you need any further recommendations for any of the product that you want to come up please let us know. 

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