Best air conditioner for your RV for 2022

Traveling comfortably on the open road is what an RV is all about. And that includes good air conditioner to keep the interior cool and comfortable on hot days. For this review we looked at a range of roof units that are the most versatile and won’t take up your valuable interior space. They can be plugged into a regular outlet while parked or run from a generator while driving to supplement your in-dash air conditioning.

One of the most important considerations is the cooling capacity of a unit, measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units) per hour; 13,500 to 15,000 should be enough for most RVs depending on conditions. Also, if your RV has a ducted ventilation system, make sure you get an air conditioner that is rated for that use. And if you want the unit to do double duty — providing warmth in colder conditions — get one that either has a built-in heater unit or is designed to accept an optional heater unit. Here we have selected the best models for people with different needs.

Coleman Mach 15+: Best overall
Dometic Brisk II : Best value for money in a smaller motorhome
Dometic Brisk II (B59516.XX1J0) : Best value for a larger motorhome
Coleman Mach 3+: Best if you need a heater on a budget
RecPro RP-AC2801 : Best low profile model

Coleman Mach 15+ air conditioner

The Coleman Mach 15+ has all the bases covered. This powerful unit produces a hefty 15,000 BTUs, which should be enough to cool down even a large RV. The 15+ can move 320 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and can be used with ducted ventilation systems. And it can house an optional heater unit that emits 5600 BTUs of warm air to protect against colder nights.

Dometic Brisk II air conditioner

The Dometic Brisk II is an ideal choice if you want to cool a smaller motorhome without spending a lot of money. It produces 13,500 BTUs of cool air, which even a large RV should be able to handle in moderate conditions. And at just 77 pounds, it’s one of the lighter models we’ve researched, making installation easier. All of this has helped make the Dometic Brisk II the best-selling RV air conditioner on Amazon. Two year guarantee.

Dometic Brisk II (B59516.XX1J0) conditioner

Dometic Brisk II (B59516.XX1J0) conditioner

This is essentially the same model as the 13.5K Dometic Brisk II above, with a more powerful motor capable of delivering 15,000 BTUs. That should be enough to keep larger RVs cool even in hot conditions. With its strong performance, affordable price and light weight of 74 pounds, this Brisk II is a particularly appealing package. Two year guarantee.

Coleman Mach 3+ air cooler

Coleman Mach 3+

The Mach 3+ may be a better option if you want an optional heating unit but don’t need the higher performance of our overall recommended model, the Coleman Mach 15+. The Mach 3+ is rated at 13,500 BTUs (compared to the Mach 5+’s 15,000 BTUs) and costs a few hundred dollars less. Otherwise, it’s a very similar model to our top pick, delivering the same 320 cubic feet of air per minute. And all of this supports why it is also one of the best-selling RV air conditioners.

RecPro RP-AC2801 air conditioner

RecPro RP-AC2801 air conditioner

If you need to maximize the overhead space in your RV, a low profile air conditioner could be the best solution for you. This RecPro model sits just 9 inches higher than the RV roof. A remote control allows you to easily control the operation of the device and has a timer. At only around 51 to 55 decibels, depending on fan speed, users say this RecPro is also quieter than other models. Two year guarantee.

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