Best movie projector under $500

Projector is literally one of the most amazing things to have. Even if you want to set up a small, local theater for movies, or if you have lots of friends to gather around and watch movies together. In this article, we will be discussing about the list of best movie projector under 500

Keep in mind that, all of the products that are going to be discussed here, are tested personally by our expert team. Along with verification of the customer reviews that are available on the market. All of the products that we bring you are tested to be good quality. 

Before we start with this article, let’s look at the outline first. After each of the basic introduction of the products, we will have their descriptions and features. After that, there will be a buyer’s guide for anyone who is new in the projector market. By that, you will be able to purchase the perfect product. 

All of our lists are made for everyone. So, even if you are just a beginner or a pro, this list is just for you. 

7 best movie projector (s) under 500

All of the products that are discussed, are not being ranked here. We are not giving a countdown of the best product. We are just giving you a list of the eight best movie projector. In this list, none of the products are being ranked in a serial. 

All of the products are just for your information and so that you can look into it. So let’s start. 

DB Power 9000L

Despite of the global dominance of tech giants like Samsung, Philips, Hitachi and so on. There are actually a couple of different companies that rule the projector section. Not because of that the giants are doing something wrong. But solely because of the fact that these companies are getting their grip properly into this specific product. 

DB Power 9000L
DB Power 9000L

This company has been around for near about a decade in the market. Also, it has one of the most positive ratings on Amazon marketplace. This is one of the best projectors in the list of best movie projector under 500

It features a 1080P full HD projection capability along with zoom and sleep timer support. The best part about the whole thing is that it also supports excessive brightness. Which means, it is also compatible for outdoor projection. 

It comes along with its compatible TV stick, PlayStation or Xbox connectivity, DVD connectivity, HDMI/ VGA port for connecting with a desktop or a laptop computer. 

Positive sides 

  • Full HD 
  • PlayStation compatible 
  • DVD connection 
  • Extra bag 
  • Laptop connectivity 
  • Xbox connection 

Negative sides 

  • Display is limited to 150 inches at best 


As I was saying earlier about the tech giant companies. Consider this manufacturer as one of the giants in the industry of projectors. This company has earned its name in manufacturing big screen projectors within limited budget. 


It also makes one of the best choices for projectors in the list of best projectors under 500. The projector is equipped with features that will be necessary on a regular/ home usage. But it doesn’t mean that it is something small. It is also compatible of projecting up to 350 inches display with native 1080P resolution. 

Positive sides 

  • 1080P native resolution 
  • 9000 lumens brightness 
  • Touch panel user interface 
  • Dual HDMI and dual USB port 
  • Audio output 3.5 M stereo Jack 
  • Lightweight 
  • Long range remote control 
  • HDMI connectivity 

Negative sides 

  • Projector screen needs to be little thicker in comparison 
  • Colors might seem a little over saturated due to excessive brightness 

Nic Pow Mini – best movie projector under 500

if you want something minimal and also within a really tight budget, this is just the thing for you. It is a comparatively small projector with 100 inch projector screen. But it features a comparatively bright display system along with tons of feature packed in for the benefit of home usage. 

Nic Pow Mini - best movie projector under 500
Nic Pow Mini – best movie projector under 500

If you are looking for home usage or just for friendly and family gatherings only, this is just the perfect thing for you. 

The projector supports full HD resolution with maximum 16 feet distance. It supports display size up to 100 for maintaining the native 1080P resolution. And even the distance can be little bit increased with the resolution of 720P. While increasing the distance, and sacrificing just a bit of the details. You can easily extend the display size up to 240 inches. 

If you want this to stay right beside you while you are in your bedroom, it got that covered as well. It features a high quality lithium ion battery with at least five or six hours of backup. Along with dual stereo speakers for getting the basic need covered without any hassle. 

Positive sides 

  • Integrated speakers 
  • Small and lightweight 
  • Durable 
  • 100 inch high quality and 240 inch basic display 
  • Wide multimedia compatibility and stable signal 

Negative sides 

  • Not quite suitable for outdoor 
  • 240 inches display will not seem as much detailed 

DBPower 7000L

Remember the first product in this list? This one is also from the same manufacturer with different approach to the customers. While designing this product, the manufacturer has given the most priority on portability. This projector is really amazing if you are looking for best movie projector under 500

DBPower 7000L
DBPower 7000L

If you move around a lot, or if you like to spend time at your friends place or your friends like to spend time at your place a lot. Then this is just the perfect solution. This projector is portable, lightweight, high performance at the same time. 

Before getting along with more details, let’s look at the pros and cons of this product first. 

Positive sites 

  • 7000 lumens display 
  • Carrying case 
  • Lightweight 
  • Zoom feature 
  • 1080P full HD resolution 
  • Compatible with iOS and Android 
  • PC, laptop, phone, DVD, TV, PlayStation compatible 

Negative sides 

  • Less compatible for outdoor visibility 

The company DBPower upgraded their list of products in this item for the specifics of outstanding portable usage. This Wi-Fi mini projector offers outstanding sharpness with native resolution of 1080P. Despite of being portable, it features a ton of different features as well as day long time durable assurance. 

Even with no Wi-Fi connectivity, you can mirror or directly connect your phone with the dedicated Wi-Fi connection of the project itself. So, it’s one of the best solutions for you if you’re going out on a camping and want to see a bit of media first up it is one of the best portable projectors in the list of the best movie projector under 500

BOSNAS 350 – Best movie projector under 500

Nothing can go without having the connectivity to a smartphone nowadays. And this projector is just the thing that has you all covered. If you are looking for a mini projector or even the best movie projector under 500, then this is your go to solution. 

BOSNAS 350 – Best movie projector under 500
BOSNAS 350 – Best movie projector under 500

As well as being one of the highest compatible of display size. This projector also features a portable outlook so that you can carry it on your trips or to a friends or family house. Built with the latest 5G Wi-Fi chips, it features direct connectivity with screen share options on your Android or iOS smartphones. 

Not to mention the desktop or laptop computers that you might have first up if your laptop supports wireless connectivity of display share, then it can be paired with this projector as well. But if not, there’s no big deal. It also features a VGA and HDMI connectivity system for both of the Devices. 

It combines a high-quality Bluetooth speaker system with a premium projector engine. Which creates an immersive sound inside the room. With four-point keystone correction and zoom function, it is one of the best items to get as a best movie projector under 500

Positive sides 

  • Perfect brightness 
  • German high-quality lens 
  • 1080P native resolution with 4K support 
  • Maximum resolution Ultra HD 4K 
  • 300 inches large display 
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection 

Negative sides 

  • Comparatively heavier than other portable projectors 

DBPower L21 LCD Projector – Best movie projector under 500

Talk about a full-package, this got you all covered. if your purpose is totally personal, apart from all the commercial usage, this can be easily considered as the best movie projector under 500. With more than 4500 positive ratings on Amazon, it is undoubtedly one of the most compact and highly featured projectors available. 

1 LCD Projector – Best movie projector under 500
DBPower L21 LCD Projector – Best movie projector under 500

It features a strong, high quality dual stereo speaker with durable assurance. The best part about it is that it is one of the most compatible projectors in the modern technology. It supports Chromecast, Amazon firestick, any smart TV stick, smartphone connectivity, desktop or laptop PC connectivity, DVD and play station connectivity as well. 

So even if you are playing your favorite games with a couple of friends in your living room, this has you all covered. 

The best part about this is that it covers a wide range of viewing angle with proper contrast and color correction maintained. With 6000 lumens of maximum brightness and 1080P native full HD resolution, it is one of the best compact projectors that you’re going to get under 500. 

Positive sides 

  • 600 lumens brightness 
  • 1080P 
  • Chromecast and Amazon fire supported 
  • PlayStation 4 supported 
  • Desktop or laptop computer supported 
  • Dual HDMI port 
  • Dual USB port 

Negative sides 

  • Not suitable for outdoor usage 
  • Might seem a little bulky for portable purposes 

Vimgo 5G

With compact and multi feature included in just a small device, it is undoubtedly one of the best choices as a best movie projector under 500

It features a 5G Wi-Fi connectivity so that all of your smart devices can be easily connected with the projector. You can connect your smartphone and start sharing your screen over the projector on a 200 inches giant screen. 

It also supports TV stick, iOS and Android connectivity, computer connectivity and so on. 

Positive sides 

  • 8500 lumens peak brightness 
  • Smartphone synchronization 
  • 200 inches giant screen support 
  • Full HD support 
  • USB and HDMI ports 
  • IOS an Android connectivity 

Negative sides 

  • Physical base of the projector is a bit unstable; you might require a comparatively stable surface or a stand 

Look at the brightness if outdoor is your thing 

Brightness is really important. ’cause we usually see projectors at a dark place. But if you are willing to use it at daytime, or even for outdoor purposes, having a peak brightness more than 7000 lumens is really important. 

Look for the best native resolution 

There are some projectors who say that they have 1080P resolution. And also, they say that they have 350 inches of screen support. But in some cases, we see that the projector supports full HD only up to 150 inches. When someone goes 350 inches, it drops down the resolution and the quality of the footage. So this is very important for you to keep in mind. 

Brand value and warranty play the most part 

As a projector is an optical device. It is going to be very sensitive to the environment and for the fact about how it is being used. So, getting a good brand within the budget that you have will obviously be the best choice. Instead of just looking for more features, you should focus more on the brand value and the warranty. That they have on the product. 


In this article, we have discussed the list of best movie projector under 500. All of the products have been tested personally and also been cross checked for the positive reviews. If you have any more questions regarding any of the products or if you want to know about any other products in general, leave a comment or reach us directly via the contact information given. 

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