Best smart watch 2022

Smart watch comes in all shapes, sizes and prices, so there’s bound to be one for you. We’ve reviewed and ranked the top ten smartwatches on the market to help you make a purchasing decision.

What’s the best smartwatch you can buy?

1 Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
2 Apple Watch-Serie 7
3 Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
4 Fitbit-Sense
5 Amazfit GTR 3 Pro
6 Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra
7 Huawei watch 3
8 Oppo-Uhr
9 Huawei Watch GT3
10 Fossil Gen 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch range was already the best smart watch slide for the Apple Watch, but 2021’s Galaxy Watch 4 series also marks a big shift in the broader wearable landscape.

The Watch 4 Classic might look like last year’s Galaxy Watch 3 – complete with that signature rotating bezel – but Samsung’s longstanding use of Tizen OS has come to an end and, through a partnership with Google, a new incarnation of Wear OS (with a certain signature). Samsung Tweaks) can be found in the Watch 4 series.

Beyond the premium user experience, the watch grants Samsung Galaxy users access to new health data – like body composition analysis – as well as an ECG function and AFib (irregular heart rhythm) detection.

Running on Wear OS, the Watch 4 also has access to a wealth of watch faces and third-party apps where previous iterations were simply lost.

The Watch 4 Classic is best experienced if you’re a Samsung Galaxy user and pay a premium for that classic design, but after a premium wearable experience, it’s still great for the broader Android user base.

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7

While the Series 7 is just an incremental upgrade over 2020’s Series 6, that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best smart watch you can buy; if you have an iphone, that is.

Along with all the additions and improvements over last year’s Apple Watch – namely an always-on altimeter and blood oxygen monitoring – the Series 7 also has fast charging (that’s 33% faster than before) and a new display that’s 20% larger. while bezels are about 40% thinner; This gives the watch a more innovative look while maintaining compatibility with existing Apple Watch straps.

Running watchOS 8 out of the box also means newfound support for exercise activities like Pilates and helpful new safety features like fall detection while cycling.

The Apple Watch SE is also still a viable alternative for those who don’t care too much about features like EKG and blood oxygen monitoring and want to save a bit of money on an Apple Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

If you’re not a fan of the Watch 4 Classic’s physical rotating bezel (or the extra price premium that comes with its distinctive design), then the standard Watch 4 is the perfect remedy.

Like the Classic, it’s also available in two case sizes, but in a much wider range of colors for better personalization. The overall design is more contemporary, complete with a digital bezel that also uses haptic feedback.

The functionality (and new user experience based on Wear OS 3) otherwise remains unchanged compared to the Classic; That means the Watch 4 is another premium, feature-packed smartwatch, with the Google Play Store, ECG functionality (again, only for Samsung Galaxy users), and support for a plethora of third-party apps.

It also comes with a significantly lower starting price compared to the Watch 4 Classic.

Fitbit Sense – The best for fitness and well-being

Fitbit Sense - The best for fitness and well-being

The Fitbit Sense replaces the Ionic as the most well-rounded Fitbit, adding many new health features to the top end of the company’s lineup.

You could call it the hypochondriac’s smartwatch, it’s so full of warning signs, but there’s a lot here that will help point out serious health issues that you can improve.

Mindfulness might seem a little crazy to some and a problem for those with too much time on their hands, but there’s no denying that stress can affect us all, and managing it quickly yields not just mental but long-term physical benefits as well bring.

For comprehensive physical and mental health tracking, the Sense is the Fitbit with everything; provided you can swing the high price.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro – Great for affordability

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro - Great for affordability

Zepp’s most ambitious smartwatch yet, the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro features a sharper display than its eponymous sister (the GTR 3) and supports a higher refresh rate, making for smoother user interaction.

The new Zepp OS will soon gain access to third-party app support, but for now it comes with 150 watch faces (some of which are animated) and support for 150 trackable activities, as well as an improved BioSensor that works even when bathing.

Voice assistant support is also part of the equation, with Alexa if the watch has an internet connection, or a simple offline alternative if it doesn’t.

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra – Strong battery life

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra - Strong battery life

Mobvoi’s TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra is one of the most rugged watches we’ve seen from the company; Integrating the Pro line’s signature dual-display technology into a rugged form factor, with Wear OS 2 and respectable battery life.

It can’t quite match the battery life of dedicated premium outdoor watches like Polar’s Grit X Pro or those with more modest hardware like Amazfit’s recent offerings, but there’s little else in the smartwatch space right now that’s as rugged and is powerful.

Along with the promise of an update to Wear OS 3, the Pro 3 Ultra has a full-color AMOLED display and a monochrome FSTN display, which in Essential mode can help extend lifespan from 3 to 45 days per charge.

Huawei Watch 3 – Great Apple Smart Watch Alternative

Huawei Watch 3 - Great Apple Smart Watch Alternative

While Huawei’s Watch GT series held the torch as the flagship smartwatch line the longest, 2021’s Huawei Watch 3 improved on the company’s established smartwatch experience with the debut of its own HarmonyOS and more powerful performance.

The Watch 3 comes in a range of finishes and can be paired with any 22mm strap, while a rich sensor setup means it’s great for tracking activity and sleep, with impressive insights from the accompanying Huawei Health app.

Unlike Apple and Samsung, you don’t pay extra for eSIM functionality either, and unlike Wear OS, which is reportedly losing iOS support with Wear OS 3, Huawei’s Watch 3 works with both Android and iPhone and is making it one of the few high-end smartwatch models to do so.

Oppo Watch – The Apple Smart Watch for Android users

Oppo Watch - The Apple Smart Watch for Android users

Considering Oppo has never released a smart watch before, the global version of the Oppo Watch – in both its 41mm and 46mm incarnations – is a pretty brilliant first attempt.

The larger 46mm model leads the way with its evolved Apple Watch-inspired aesthetic and optional cellular functionality, but both are also feature-rich.

Expect excellent performance (thanks to a smart processor pairing and plenty of RAM), swim safety and one of the best Wear OS 2 experiences out there; despite the concerns of the operating system.

We just wish the heart rate sensor was a bit more accurate during workouts.

Huawei Smart Watch GT 3 – Am elegantesten

Huawei Smart Watch GT 3 - Am elegantesten

If its luxe design, not to mention the promise of up to 14 days of battery life, isn’t enough to convince you, the Huawei Watch GT 3 also brings some of the most robust fitness trackers to the range to date.

It includes support for over 100 workout types; Track everything from heart rate and VO2Max to altitude and pace. The AI-powered treadmill and Healthy Living Shamrock are also available to improve both fitness and well-being.

Available in a variety of designs and two case sizes (46mm and 42mm), the GT 3 series presents an impressively flexible smart watch offering.

Fossil Gen 5 smart watch – Vielseitigstes Design

Fossil Gen 5 smart watch - Vielseitigstes Design

Fossil’s Gen 5 is a great all-around smartwatch, powered by a Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor with Wear OS power management optimizations, giving it better control over what the Gen 5’s 310mAh fast-charge battery does with it powered.

While the improved Fossil Gen 6 is currently up for review, that doesn’t change the fact that the Gen 5 offers a truly smooth user experience; something that cannot be said for any of his predecessors.

The Apple Watch, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch, and Huawei’s Watch 3 can still trump the Gen 5 in terms of performance, but it undoubtedly narrows the gap and, better yet, offers some of the most adaptable and flexible designs and aesthetics of all smart watch on the market.

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