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Celestron spotting scope: Review

Having a big lens as a viewfinder or a spotting scope has its own perks. Not only for spotting prey while hunting, but also for a lot of different reasons. You can do basically anything that you want with a spotting telescope. It’s a scope/ lens to zoom into something mechanically. It’s for observing objects with a distant manner with proper details.

Now why you are going to use it is totally up to you. You might use it as a side attachment with your main telescope for stargazing. You might also use it for your marksmanship practicing and so on. But this article is totally about review of Celestron spotting scope.

Before we start with all of the main details, we will be providing small insights on zoom spotting scopes. Throughout this article, we will have a small list of the best spotting scopes that are available on the market and also, we will be reviewing them one by one.

The reason of our review is to give you the insights of a customer about the product. As Celestron spotting scopes are quite the popular products in the market and also, they cost comparatively more, our reviews will be able to give you a better idea about Celestron scopes.

For each of the products, our team has reviewed it thoroughly by practical usage to give you the following insights:

  • Type of the product
  • Which product is switchable for which purpose?
  • Which type of person should purchase which exact product
  • Durability and usable aspects of each of the products
  • Downsides and upsides of all of the products.

Celestron spotting scope- Review of Celestron spotting scope

In terms of lenses and spotting scope manufacturing, Celestron has quite a dominance over the market. Even on Amazon, you will notice that there are a lot of different products related to spotting scopes from this company.

The fun part about the whole thing is that the company goes above and beyond in terms of creating all-round solutions for visual and optic products. Even if you are looking for scopes to attach on marksman rifles or airsoft guns, you will find the companies own and related venture products.

Set a strong and its products are quite known for their Astro telescopes. They mainly started back in 1960 and ever since then, the company has shown significant improvement. It is now one of the leading makers of telescopes and giant particulars.

If you are into astronomy, then Celestron is going to be a company that’s name will be really popular to you. And this is not just the trend or the hype that is going on in the market. All of the information that we provide is directly from the customers of the company. Not only that, but also our team has reviewed each of the products for their usability. Which means that you will get nothing but practical reviews and opinions on each of the product.

Do keep in mind that just like any other information, we will provide you with insights from experts and also from public in general. So, without wasting anymore time, let’s start with the product reviews for each of the Celestron spotting scopes.

Celestron ultima series

It is one of the most popular series of products from Celestron. If you prefer a straight spotting scope rather than the angled ones, this is going to be one of the best products in the market that you get. Before discussing a specific product, let me discuss the whole series in general. This is for the review of Celestron spotting scope.

Celestron ultima series
Celestron ultima series

One of the most popular series of spotting scopes from Celestron is their ultima series. It has three sizes which includes 100-millimeters, 80-millimeters, 65 millimeters. And the best part is that, you can opt for both angled versions and straight versions of the same product.

All of the products in this series are totally waterproof and dustproof. With the sleek design and lightweight architecture, it is quite durable and also easily can be carried with you all the time. According to the company’s website, the 80-millimeter scope‚Äôs excellent optic brings 50% brighter images than the other variants.

So, the most popular product in this series is the Celestron ultima 80mm.

The 100-millimeter version, also the largest aperture scope in the whole ultima series, is quite well known for its low light conditions and also it is ideal for outdoor activities. Activities such as bird watching, wildlife and target shooting and even astronomy.

Celestron also provides a camera adapter for the ultima series to attach the lens with a DSLR camera.

Main feature of this series is that:

  • It features a multi coated optics system for increased light transmission
  • soft carrying case
  • Waterproof
  • Lifetime warranty

Here is a list below for the products in this series:

Celestron up – close series spotting scopes

Celestron up-close series spotting scopes
Celestron up-close series spotting scopes

If you are into marksmanship or basic wildlife watching, this can be your go to solution for all times. As wildlife or marksman spotting requires lots of adjustment for distance and focal length, it can be one of the best products for that.

As the product will need frequent adjustments due to its nature of usage, it is provided with a lightweight architecture with good quality optical adjustment systems. Which is quite useful for prompt and constant change of focal length and viewing angles. Just like the ultima series, it also features two variants for every single model which includes 45 degrees angled and straight through body designs.

The cities have this series has two different sizes. One is 55 millimeters and the other one is 60 millimeters. It features fully coated optics and it comes with a zoom eyepiece included. The eyepiece alone is capable of zooming up to 60 X on the 60 millimeters scope and 45 X on the 50 millimeters scope.

As far as the public opinion goes, this product should only be purchased for someone who is not willing to zoom a really incredible distance. It is quite good for marksman sporting and wildlife spotting. But it is more likely to be used as an allrounder solution for average performance.

If you are really serious into marksmanship or target practicing or even bird watching, you will be needing different products for that.

This product mainly features an average and all-round usage capability. Not anything too much fancy or excellent.

You can check the products by yourself here:

Celestron Hummingbird spotting scope – review of Celestron spotting scope

No, this is not a series. But an individual product. It is rather one of the most unique and highest selling products ever manufactured by Celestron.

As far as it goes, it is quite handy and multi-purpose. It features an electric zoom mechanism. Because of this, you can quickly and quietly change the power of zoom.

As usual, the body is fully waterproof and fog proof.

Celestron Hummingbird spotting scope - review of Celestron spotting scope
Celestron Hummingbird spotting scope – review of Celestron spotting scope

Some of the main features of this product are:

  • multi colored filtering systems
  • Multi coated optics
  • waterproof and fog proof
  • Lifetime warranty

This is a very small spotting scope. It can literally fit in your pockets. But it is not totally underpowered. Even still it is a handheld/ pocket Carrie scope, it still has capability of zoom factoring up to 12X and maximum up to 18X.

Individual products from Celestron scopes

Up until now, we have been discussing the major series is that are available from Celestron zoom scopes. Now come up will be discussing individual products that stand out from the company’s manufacturing line. And we will be also discussing the pros and cons for each of the products.

Celestron land scout

Celestron land scout
Celestron land scout

If you want a powerful scope with really low cost, this is just the perfect solution for you. As far as the performance of the scope here are a couple of things that we have listed personally as the upsides of this product.

  • Low budget
  • Comparatively high performing
  • Wide field of view
  • Compact architecture
  • Easily foldable into backpack

Some of the major drawbacks of this product are as follows:

  • Not for extremely professional usage
  • Comparatively less durable
  • Prone towards dust damage, requires regular maintenance
  • Less stability on tripod due to extremely lightweight.

Now to some more details of the product itself, the product though bundles with the tripod that you see in the picture, but the supply of the tripod might depend on different sellers as some sellers do not provide the tripod as a combo.

Celestron TrailSeeker scope

It is a very high-quality optical scope for spotting first up you can use it for bird watching, astronomy, marksman spotting and so on. It is built with very high-quality optics that include lightweight architecture and extra low dispersion glass. Mainly to provide razor sharp images with virtually no chromatic aberration

Celestron TrailSeeker scope
Celestron TrailSeeker scope

Work a waterproof body, it is a lens with 8-24mm F ability. Quite ideal for bird watching, nature observing and long-distance viewing.

The downside to it is that it cannot be used for extra powerful astronomy or stargazing. For that you will be needing more professional and high-quality zoom spotting scope.

Celestron Regal M2

Celestron Regal M2
Celestron Regal M2

This is one of the more premium products in this list. Features of the product are as follows

  • Fully multi coated optics
  • Hunting gear
  • Low light dispersion
  • Ideal for Digi scoping

Some of the cons of this product are as follows:

  • Focus tiles are not in the most convenient position
  • Comparatively heavyweight, but you need to consider that this is a rather high performance not lightweight product.

Read this before you purchase

There are lots of things that you need to consider before purchasing a sporting scope. In this section of this article, we will be discussing a quick review of the Celestron spotting scopes so that you can understand which product can be suitable for your cause.

If you are into astronomy or astrophotography, you will be needing a comparatively higher ranged scope for that. For that, turning towards any of the professional astrophotography scopes by Celestron is highly recommended. But as this article is mainly focused on spotting scopes, it will be regarding the mid ranged items.

There are mainly three types of spotting in the outdoors that you might conduct. The first one is marksman, second one is bird watching, third one is nature observing. For both the first and the third cover prompt movement might not be required.

But as for bird watching, birds tend not to stay in one place for a long amount of time. And because of that, you might be needing a product that is both powerful yet lightweight and maneuverable so that you can move along with the creature.

Final words

As far as the products go, Celestron spotting scopes are quite good in terms of performance. But as the professional aspect depends upon every single person, it is up to the person himself who will be using the product.

All of the information and details of the products that have been discussed in this article are compiled from real time customer reviews. Some of the reviews are taken from different websites and some of the reviews are directly by communicating with the customers.

As far as the review of Celestron spotting scope, in general the products are pretty decent. There are some minor drawbacks too. but all can be countered if you are able to choose the perfect product for you. In terms of both durability and performance capability, Celestron products are pretty much able to hold itself up to the mark.

Links directly related to all of the products have been mentioned in proper places. Some products might not be available in the market due to being sold out. And before purchasing any product from any manufacturer, make sure that you have all the terms and conditions related to servicing and warranty of the product understood properly.

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