cheapest vr headset for pc

Cheapest VR headset for PC Gaming

The world of gaming is evolving. Once what used to be a machine of hundreds of kilograms, is now a barely size of the desk. In this world, the term VR is vastly recognized. As the world of VR (virtual reality) is making a huge mark in the industry, the need of the equipment is doing the same as well. In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the Cheapest VR Gaming Headset for PC Gaming. 

Before getting on to the details of the products, there needs a bit of into talk here. Let me get this straight, as you are getting/looking for VR headsets, you will be needing something that is able to make the experience even better. Because, that is the whole purpose of the VR tech. 

This article will include a few details about Cheap VR headsets. But moreover, we will try our best to give you the best thing that you can get. We have also included a beginner’s guide to know about VR headsets. So that you are being able to choose just the right thing for yourself. 

VR, or Virtual Reality is a growing name in the tech industry. Not just for gaming, but also for artists, designers, programmers and much more. As the market is getting more and more complicated, we are in need of tech items in a limited budget. And as the market goes, it can be pretty wild. Where some of the products might be just a few hundred bucks. On the other hand, the same kind of product from a different brand might worth thousands. 

As this article is strictly for the ones that are on the low side of the price list, there are a few things that you need to keep in your mind before getting one from these. These are the cheapest ones. And we have compiled all the best items in this range. If you are getting your item to be compared with something that is from a higher brand, you are going to be disappointed. So, don’t be. Because you are getting the best thing in the budget that you have. Respect yourself, respect what you have.  

The passion, the willingness, and the commitment that you have towards games, is the most valuable thing here. Without wasting anymore time, let’s jump right into the main content. 

Cheapest VR headset for PC gaming

Number one – Oculus quest 2 : one of the Cheapest VR Gaming Headset for PC Gaming

Virtual reality is not something that can easily run on extremely low spec equipment. Despite of the existence of lots of product that are way below $20 or even $50. None of that equipment are going to be able to give you the experience that you are looking for. As far as virtual reality headsets go, oculus is one of the most popular brands in the whole market. It might not be the cheapest. But still, it is one of the best items that you are going to get at a decent price rate. 

It is one of the best items in the list of cheapest VR headset for PC gaming. 

Before getting along with the detailed discussion of the product, let’s look at the features at a glance: 

  • Lightweight 
  • Three years of extended warranty 
  • Amazon prime shipping 
  • Compatible with the game console and PC 
  • HD visual compatibility 
  • Premium quality display 
  • Ultimate control 
 Oculus quest 2 : one of the Cheapest VR Gaming Headset for PC Gaming
Number one Oculus quest 2 one of the Cheapest VR Gaming Headset for PC Gaming

With products like this, the most important thing is not the controller itself. When you are looking at the price tag, you might be thinking that near about $400 is not that cheap for this course. But the truth is that, when you are looking for VR headsets for PC, you are not going to get any product that can be containing the price tag of $200 or even 250 or $300. 

Virtual reality is not just making your screen big and seeming like you’re inside it. It is also creating the environment in such a way that you experience the game from within. 

You’re going to see a lot of products in any marketplace which will have a price tag of even $100 or $50. 

But the market is not as easy as it seems. We have done our research over the marketplaces and we have come across a harsh reality. In most of the products which have only a $50 or $100 of price tag, they use a comparatively long title for their product. That title will have so many words that you might not even notice one or two small words that is enough to give the actual truth away. 

Most of the products use a comparatively longer headline which caused the customers to be a little bit dazed and confused. And for that, you might not be able to notice that small little text at the end or at the middle of the title of the product. The text that will say that this is only for smart phones. Or, that product might only be just a magnifier for your phone display. Instead of going into actual virtual reality experience, all that it will do is to hold your phone in front of your eyes and magnify the display by a certain margin. 

With dealing with such type of products, none of the products related to PC VR gaming is going to be “cheap”. But in the leftover which is a little bit to the higher side. We have tried our best to compile the cheapest VR gaming headset that you are going to get for PC.

Number 2 – Oculus Rift S PC 

To be honest, most of the products are going to be the same company. Oculus is a sub brand of one of the most popular names in the world. And that name is Facebook. Yes, you heard that right. This product is one of the technological manufacturing aspects of the famous tech giant Facebook. 

And as you know, anything and everything that Facebook or Google creates, is one of the best things in the market. 

This product was initially launched only for Android operating systems. But now, with software updates and windows app integration system, it can also run on windows PCs and even on consoles. 

Features of the product are as follows: 

  • Included handheld console 
  • PC compatible 
  • Attractive matte black finish 
  • Visual friendly blue cart lens built 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Touch controllers 
  • Social media connectivity included with the device software 
Number 2 - Oculus Rift S PC vr headset
Number 2 – Oculus Rift S PC

As far as virtual reality headsets go, it is one of the most lightweight and easy to use equipment that you are going to get in the market. As we have already talked about the manufacture in the previous product, it ensures one of the best qualities in the market that is available. 

The device features its own auxiliary port to make sure that you are able to connect any medium of audio devices along with it. It also features its own built-in audio capability. Which make sure that even if you are not willing to connect any external audio devices, you will still have that premium surround sound built in. 

With improved optics, along with next generation lenses and sharp display, you will get bright, vivid colors and also reduced amount of screen door effects. Which makes sure that you are getting the premium experience along with high quality video connectivity at all times. 

The gyro sensors in this headset make sure that your movement is as much accurate as it gets along with the movement that you are giving as an input to the device. 

Number 3 – Samsung HMD Odyssey 

if we are talking about portable equipment and the name of Samsung doesn’t come up, it’s not just going to happen. Samsung has been one of The Pioneers in terms of creating VR headsets for smartphones. But now, Samsung is also creating equipment that is compatible with your personal computer. 

This product features a stylish matte black finish with head mounted VR set which has quite a convenient mounting system. Instead of just clipping it alongside your head with your forehead, it features a separate band mounted along with the actual VR optics part. 

The product comes along with its dedicated audio system comparable with 7:1 surround sound system. The whole thing is pretty lightweight and strongly built. This makes the product even more ideal for the movement that you’re going to make while playing your favorite games on VR. 

As far as VR headsets go, this is one of the best things on the market. 

Number 3 – Samsung HMD Odyssey
Number 3 – Samsung HMD Odyssey


  • Lightweight 
  • High quality display system 
  • Handheld console 
  • Built in sound system 
  • Decent battery backup 
  • Precision controlled LED lights 
  • Built in headphone 
  • Two months free Infinity subscription 

Number 4 – HTC VIBE PRO:  A premium choice for getting the Cheapest VR Gaming Headset for PC Gaming

If we are talking about a fully compatible VR headset, this is the best product in the list. This product is compatible with both steam VR and Windows operating system. Making it one of the most convenient products for PC gaming in the world of virtual reality. Before further details, here is a basic list of features: 

  • Compatible with Windows operating system, steam VR 
  • 2880×1600 HD resolution 
  • Dual OLED displays new light spatial audio with noise cancellation 
  • Multiuser compatibility 
  • High quality virtual reality tracking mechanism 
Number 4 – HTC VIBE PRO:  A premium choice for getting the Cheapest VR Gaming Headset for PC Gaming
Number 4 – HTC VIBE PRO A premium choice for getting the Cheapest VR Gaming Headset for PC Gaming

This product features one of the highest resolutions in this list in terms of VR display. As far as VR headsets that are available in the market, it has one of the best noise-cancelling audio built in system for the gamers to have the best experience that they can get. 

It features two separate handheld consoles for VR games controlling feature. As well as the noise cancelling sound system makes sure that the user is getting the premium sound system with this portable device. It is also compatible with smartphones, if you want it like that with the use of just a small app that you can install on your smartphone. 

The VR headset also comes along with its own protective packaging to make sure that when you are receiving the product, it never gets damaged. Also it comes along with a personal carrying case to make sure that whenever you are going somewhere else. You can take the product safely with you. 

Things that you should remember before purchasing

If you are using a completely wireless device, make sure that it has sufficient amount of battery backup. Because you would never want your device to go out of battery in the middle of a gaming session. 

When you are purchasing VR headsets with handheld console, make sure that the handheld console has proper accuracy and also sufficient amount of backup. 

Warranty plays a big factor here. As VR headsets don’t come that much cheap, it is quite helpful that you have the warranty policies properly covered. It will help a seamless and also tension free experience in terms of gaming. 

Display resolution is also important for VR headsets. If you are getting a headset with decent amount of resolution, that’s obviously something that you would want to have in your equipment. 

If you’re looking for the Cheapest VR Gaming Headset for PC Gaming, this article has you covered. In terms of quality as well as performance and build quality, we have tried to cover all bases for you so that you don’t have to. Just keep in mind the above list before purchasing, and you will probably have the best product in the market. And for any other suggestions related to any type of equipment and gadgets, visit our website for more content regarding suggestions for the equipment that you might require. 

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