Gadgets that will make your life easier in 2021

Apart from the pandemic thing going on, life has been running quite smoothly. Apart from some of the major catastrophe areas, the rest of the world has pretty much recovered from what has been going on since 2020. In this article, we will discuss about Gadgets that will make your life easier in 2021. 

Before starting on with the article, let me remind you that it’s going to be a long one. And that’s why, you need to be patient and make sure that you go through all of the instructions and tips and tricks that’s been shared throughout this article. 

We have a dedicated team just for testing out gadgets. Sometimes we purchase them, sometime we borrow them from friends and family. The main thing is, we always give you recommendations about products that we have tested personally. We don’t talk about any positive or negative information regarding any product which we haven’t used ourselves. 

With that being said, I really hope that all of the recommendations are just the thing that you need. And if you love the information, feel free to spread love and also the information by sharing our content and letting us know about what you like and what you don’t. 

15 Gadgets that will make your life easier in 2021 

Here comes the main part. In this section, we have discussed a handful of Gadgets that will make your life easier in 2021. All of the products are from the Amazon marketplace. Just to ensure that you have the perfect usability for both of the product as well as the shipping policy. 

Amazon is one of the most popular marketplaces in the world, hence the most popular should prevail. 

Rechargeable arc lighter 

You might have already heard about this. But we are not giving you totally new equipment and gadgets. We’re not introducing any products to you. We are giving you a symbol list which you can follow to figure out the items that you might need throughout your life. An arc lighter is basically a battery back combined with a high voltage coil to produce bursts of electricity within a short range. This burst, can be seen as an arc. And if anything comes in between the two poles of the lighter, it will become extremely hot hence light up on fire.  

We are recommending this to you? That is indeed, a good question to have. There are lots of reasons for this. First of all, a lighter is always handy. Doesn’t matter if you are inside your home, or outside or even you are out in the wilderness. In most camping cases, people have been seen to face troubles with wet lighters. But if you have a rechargeable arc lighter, doesn’t matter how wet it gets. If you just wipe out the water, it works every time. 

And for camping equipment, if you have just a mini pocket-sized solar panel, you will be able to charge this device with a USB cable. 

The best part about is that, as it does not produce any external sparks, it is safe for the environment and also for your surroundings. In any cases, you can carry your arc lighter with you all the time. another thing about this equipment is that it is just the size of your regular pen. 

Wireless mobile device charger 

Unless you have a comparatively older smartphone, your device would probably support wireless connectivity for charging purpose. Even if you don’t have one, there is a solution. I will discuss about that later in this article. 

A wireless charger is always helpful. Nowadays, there is a new type of wireless charger. This product works both as a power bank and a wireless charger in the same time. Which means that, imagine your regular powerbank. Now add a wireless charging pod on top of the surface of it. There you go. That’s the product that we’re talking about. Such type of wireless chargers are available from several brands. Brands that are well known and well reputed in the market. 

Having a wireless mobile charger is really important. It’s because, if you have a power bank, a regular one of course. You’re going to need a cable you have long with it first, sometimes due to the fact that you have to put that power bank in your backpack. You have to remove the cable and it just wanders around inside the backpack. And you know how backpacks are. Once something gets lost inside, you’d need a separate search party for it. 

You can check out the best recommended product by clicking here. And this product is simply one of the best Gadgets that make life easier in 2021

Mug warmer 

You’re working. Really hard. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your office or your home. You just take a two minutes quick break. For what? For that love inside a mug named coffee. You have now made your coffee with literally running pace. You quickly return to your desk and start working again. You take one sip from the coffee. After which, you totally forgot about it. After a couple of minutes, you reach out for your coffee mug and you see that it is dead cold. 

That’s not something that we want, is it? For the people who work hard and want a cup of coffee by their side for a longer amount of time, a mug warmer is one of the best options first product of this is quite simple yet delicate in terms of the operation. It works with a small induction coil. But not the ones that you get inside a stove. It’s quite powerless in comparison to that. 

It heats up the surface of the device just enough. And that is able to keep the body of the coffee mug that you have on your desk. To be honest, upon several harsh tests, we have seen that it is able to keep your coffee cup up to 40 minutes without any stress! 

A smart backpack! Trust me you need this! 

What is a smart backpack? I mean, a backpack doesn’t run on android, right? Then smart, in which way? To be honest, smart in the way of how the whole thing is designed to manage all that you need to carry. To first instance, smart backpacks are literally suitable for anything. From formal office to class, from going out on a short trip to a camping activity. 

Smart backpacks are designed with three things kept in mind. Compactness, lightweight and functions. 

Usually, smart backpacks are made with weather resistant materials that can withstand basic rain and snow conditions. And with the compact nature, they are able to pack a lot of things in comparison to their size. These packs are equipped with cable management systems. There are places for power banks and phones inside the backpack. And then, you can connect your power bank from the inside of the backpack. And then you can take another cable and connect your phone from your pocket.  

Not to mention the small yet spacious nature of the build quality which makes the whole thing even better! 

Air fryer 

You might get recommendation of this product for every list that includes best gadgets for staying at home. But to be honest, we think that it should belong with you at all times. There is a reason for that. Air fryers are basically magic. Happening inside a small electric device. 

Apart from the fun thing about being able to fly a lot of things in such a small time. Air fryers are quite good for the health as well. For first, you just need to brush a little oil on top of the thing that you want to fry first up and the device does the restful stuff if you want to reduce your all consumption, this is the best solution. 

At home, you would probably want a little snack in the evening. But too tired to get out? All you need to do is wash a bunch of potatoes, chop them up, brush just a little oil and let the device to its magic. 

Eco Dot 10 

It is quite possible that you have heard this name probably a million times by now. Alexa is a product from Amazon. It is a smart assistant which can actually “assist” in a lot of ways. If you have a smart home, then you already know this. But even if you don’t, Alexa can come quite handy. 

First, Alexa has the capability of managing all of the smart devices in your house. Such as your laptop, smart phone, desktop, smart TV and so on. So whenever you need something, you just shout it out to Alexa. And Alexa will get the thing. But there is a little catch and explanation to it. 

For instance, you might think that it would only take about 5 or 10 seconds to play a music. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on Alexa to shout at it and make the song playful stuff but when you think about it, you can get a lot of things within a really short amount of time. For instance, when you are cooking and you really need a recipe recheck full stuff you can easily just ask Alexa to playback the video again and also find new elements on the specific data information. 

Portable massage gun 

The pandemic has not been kind to us. Pandemics have never been kind to humankinds. That is obvious. But is the disease and the sufferings that people are going through everything? There are lots of small things that create a lot of problems in our lives. 

To start with, staying home. No, we don’t mean that staying home is really frustrating and we are meaning that. Staying home is frustrating but we are not focusing on that. When we are staying home for a long amount of time, our body starts to wear out. Without regular physical movement, several parts of our body start to function with irregular behavior. Which is painful. 

That is why a portable massage gun is important to have full staff whenever you’re feeling a lot of stress by working on your desk at your home or even with hours and hours of online classes and lectures. You can just take the device on your hand and start massaging on the part when you’re feeling pain. It is as simple as that. 

The “ultra” sandwich maker 

Wonder why we have given a quotation mark to the word “ultra”? Because it is “ultra”. There are not a lot of similar products in the market. Most of the sandwich makers are quite basic. You get a top part and a bottom part you take all of the ingredients inside and press it down with heat. There you go, you have your sandwich. 

But the product that we are recommending in this list is totally different from all of the other items in the market. This product is quite specific in its detail. This is from the popular company Hamilton. The company which is quite popular for making kitchen appliances and regular usage gadgets. With more than 15,000 positive ratings on Amazon, it is one of the best products to have. Also, for several reasons it has made its way into the list of Gadgets that make life easier in 2021

It has several layers of operation. You can use this product to make a sandwich. That’s obvious. But what’s the catch? This product is layered in two different sections. Which makes sure that you have several items inside the sandwich maker while also being able to poach an egg fiting inside. 

Cordless vacuum cleaner 

You probably have a vacuum cleaner in your house. And it is also highly possible that it is not your first one. After one machine wears out, you get another. But if you are getting another, why not get the best one? Dragging your cord all across your house while using the vacuum is really problematic. Because your area is limited. You can only reach up to the point where your cable allows you to. But if you are going for a cordless vacuum cleaner, the game will change. Cordless vacuum cleaners might not be the most powerful ones. But it is just enough to get your basic thing done. 

In the commercials, you are going to see that they are lifting bowling balls, dining tables and God knows what else with their vacuum cleaners. But ask yourself this. do you really need to pick up bowling balls with vacuum cleaner? The answer is no. You need to pick up dust and small particles of trash. And this is exactly what you need to have in your product. No more, no less full stuff that’s as easy as that. 

Getting a cordless vacuum cleaner with a pack of extended battery will give you the liberty of being absolutely anywhere in any direction. That will definitely make your life easier in 2021. And that is exactly why it has made its way into the list of the Gadgets that make life easier in 2021

Universal remote 

Universal rewards are not comparatively new in the market. There are some Android and apple devices which are mounted with an IR strobe. Would that IR strobe, you can control and operate almost any sort of product which can be operated in a direct remote manner. 

Now, getting your phone to match with all the different products that you want to control can be a little difficult. In that case, you can go for a universal remote. Of course, the smart one. That has latest software configuration and is able to latch onto anything that you want it to. 

Robot vacuum cleaner 

This is also one of those products which are not comparatively new in the market. But yet, it can be considered as one of the Gadgets that make life easier in 2021. To start with, it is a self propelling small plated robot. It operates with a high voltage lithium ion battery back. It is capable of running six hours at straight. 

The basic operation of the device is really easy. Once you install the app on your smartphone cover you need to configure the layout for your entire house. And once that’s done, it’s pretty much simple from there. You only need to push a button and the robot vacuum will start roaming around the entire house. It will automatically go from room to room from corridor to corridor with the preselected pattern and layout of the house that you have inserted into its operations. 

Multi-layer organizing box 

Doesn’t matter if you are keeping it in your kitchen or at the top of your desk. Small items inside the kitchen and also on top of your desk can cause a lot of trouble. They consume less storage. But they also take quite a lot of your time for organizing. Sometimes, if even a small pen is just lying on your desktop, it is psychologically too much unsettling. You can easily get a multilayer organizing box for that. It will have small compartments inside.  

All you need to do is just open up the small drawers and throw your stuff into it. You will have your desktop and your kitchen in the perfect way. This will help to maintain your workspace and also maintain your surroundings. We know that many of the items in today’s list are from the tech area. But after all, if it makes your life easier, then it has its place in this list. 

Cable clips 

This might be the smallest yet simplest object in today’s list. Cable clips are just a piece of plastic designed in a way to latch on to regular cables. Cables such as your USB cable from your phone charger, data transfer cable and so on. It is a small half circular object with a groove inlet on it to hold one or two and sometimes three cables inside. 

All you need to do is to peel off the sticker from the back and then stick it on top of your desk. When you have done that, you can easily take your cable from your charger and latch it to the body. By this, you will no longer have to reach down your desk for getting a cable or also you won’t be losing track of which cable should stay in which place.

Double extension cord 

Got a power outlet but you have two devices to connect? Don’t have any multi plug? Sometimes, not sometimes but almost all the time, it is less likely that we carry a multi plug along with us. Because the structure of a multi plug is not typically small carry friendly full stuff but, what if the multi plug was a cable? A cable can easily fit into your backpack right? 

For that purpose, this double extension cord can be the solution. At anytime, you can plug one end of the cable to the power outlet on your wall. And instantly you have two different outlets at the same time. The cable is quite well protected to make sure that all of your devices are not being subject towards any harmful electrical surge. 

You can also use multiple cables at once to even create more extensions. And such type of cables are really easy to carry on your backpack. Even if you have pants with bigger pockets, you could try fitting one as well. 


Just one of those items that are really small but when it comes to necessity, it is as handy as it gets. This product from Amazon has a seriously high number of reviews in the positive section. It features around 64-piece, 42-piece, 82-piece variants of small replaceable and easily adjustable screwdriver heads. You can even carry this on the pocket of your shirt. It is that small. Whenever you need to open up something and you don’t have your tool kit, this device is there to save the day for you. 

Facts and cautiousness 

Before getting any gadgets in this list, and any other list found on the Internet, we need to remember the following. First of all, there is nothing called “absolutely safe”. Before purchasing any gadgets from online marketplaces, even if it is from the branded shops, you need to verify the quality of the product. There are two ways to verify it. The first one is if someone that you know personally has already purchased the same product from the same marketplace. 

And the second one is quite simple. Don’t go for any products if you don’t want to lose your money that has less than 1000 reviews. Even if you cannot find any match to your need, make sure that the product that you are purchasing has at least 500 reviews. And that 500 reviews contain at least 4.2 stars in general. 

And if you want to know any downsides of any products, check the negative reviews. You would find at least one or two that are actually useful. This will help you in terms of choosing the perfect product while purchasing online. 

People always say that shopping online is really bad. That it is a waste of money. That is not at all true. If you look at the bigger picture, more than 80% of the people are purchasing online products without any hassle. So what’s wrong with the other 20%? The main reason behind it is 80% and not 100% is awareness. Whenever you are purchasing a product, you need to be aware just as you would have been if you were purchasing it from a regular market. You would cross double check commodity learn about Amanda quote and she could also ask people about the quality of the product and the seller. That’s how it’s done. 


In this article, we have discussed Gadgets that make life easier in 2021. Let me remind you that all of the products in this list, just like our other articles, are not being ranked at all. We are just giving you a comprehensive list of the products that we are discussing. 

If you have any questions regarding any of the gadgets, please let us know down below in the comment section. If you want to know any further information regarding any specific product or any specific sector of products. Let us know in the comments section as well. You can also reach us with the communication information given at the bottom of this page. If you want to learn more about different products and regular gadgets, feel free to check out the rest of our websites. Our entire website is dedicated just for your convenience. So that you can have the perfect gadgets in the sector that you desire without any hassle. 

All of the gadgets that we mentioned in our information have been personally tested by our expert team. And also, cross checked for double assurance by communicating with the existing users of each of the products as well.

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