Ring Doorbell video without subscription

How to save Ring Doorbell video without subscription

Security is one of the first concerns in the world right now. Well, now exactly right now. It has been a matter of most attention for a long time. But with time, the measures that we take have also changed a lot. The invention of smart home technologies and smart security systems have come a long way in the path of development. In this article, we will be discussing about how to save ring doorbell video without subscription. 

In the modern ring doorbell technology, you can have direct live video feed on your smartphone or your connected laptop. But what if, something happens and you want to save that video? Well, As for the customers, ring doorbells allows the customers to save their videos whenever they want and even they can watch previously stored a video on cloud storage. But the thing is, usually, ring video allows customers to have that video on their local storage with a subscription. 

When a customer purchases the premium package, he has the ability to review any previous footage and then download it on a local storage or directly cloud upload. But what if you want to save ring doorbell video without subscription? 

This article is exactly about that. 

First of all 

If you are questioning yourself about how you can do this. Then this is just the place for you to be. In this article, we will discuss how to save ring doorbell video without subscription. There are not any specific ways that you can do this. But there are a few different ways and paths that you can choose from. And you can do this without even paying the monthly subscription. 

Let me give you a little bit of information about the data first. The videos that have been recorded through ring doorbell smart cameras are usually stored for 30 days or 60 days. Depending on the devices capability. And this is for the device that does not have any active subscription. 

When you have that device, you can have the video stored in the cloud for 30 to 60 days and you can play the video through a phone or a laptop. 

But if you are willing to get it on a local storage, you will find it hard because there will not be any option to download without that paid subscription. The simplest way to do this is with a screen recorder. 

You can save ring doorbell video without subscription by using a screen recorder on your phone and playing that video from the cloud storage. 

Another thing that you can do is playing the video with a desktop or a laptop. Sometimes, some smartphones fail to capture the audio with the screen recorder that they get. But that will and should not be a problem with desktop software. 

The first method: used phone to record videos 

This is pretty much explained in the previous part of this article. But the only catch is that, you can use your dedicated screen recorder with better output instead of using any types of third-party recorders. In the smartphones, both Android and iOS, you get several screen recording applications on the app stores or Google Play store. 

But, when you are using your dedicated or built-in screen recorder, you would get much better resolution and audio features on the recorded footage. 

The second method: the 30 day free trial 

Yes, when you want to start the free trial it will require your credit card or bank account information. But that will never deduct any amount as subscription fees from your bank. You just need to provide this as a formality. 

And once you have done that, you will have a 30 days free trial and you will have the opportunity to save any videos recorded or live streamed via that camera. 

And to access the free trial is pretty much easy. Whenever you are opening a new ring account, a pop-up welcome across your screen telling you to have the opportunity for a 30 days free trial. From that, everything is textbook. 

The live recording on computer 

If your ring doorbell is connected with your laptop or a desktop computer, the easiest thing that you can do is to have your device at power saving mode. And then run your live footage directly on your PC. And while you are doing that, make sure that you have one of the most minimalist on-screen recorder on your PC. Such type of recorders can be OBS studios, screencast and so on. The reason that we are telling you to choose from a minimalist recorder is that, when you are running your pc for a long time, the device might be under a lot of stress.  

So, if you are using a software that consumes less processing power from the main system that would definitely help the device to run better without the chances of overheating of malfunctioning. 

A little note 

To save ring doorbell video without subscription, you don’t need to be a software expert or a tech geek person. All you need to do is to have a couple of basic software installed on your digital device. That is only due to the fact that you will be able to save the livestreamed videos on a local storage. 

All you need to remember is that ring doorbells constantly update their software to avoid the common loopholes. So, you might be able to record the video with one software, but after a couple of months, you will notice that the video is not having any audios in it. 

That is due to the fact that ring doorbells have updated their software to disconnect the audio feature whenever someone else is trying to record the video with a third party software. 

In that case, you should try to use some other software. And if that even doesn’t work, try another one. You would probably find something that works at the end. 

Recording video on a ring doorbell 

We would never prefer any third party application over the main subscription at any stage. The subscription is important because it will give you full connectivity and also full usability of the whole user interface. But as you are looking for alternatives, the very first suggestion that you would suggest is to look for alternative doorbells that do not require a subscription. That might be lower in quality, but that will give you better performance. 

As for the recording features on ring doorbell without any subscriptions, if the authority finds out that you are using recording features without subscription, they will suspend your ring doorbell account. Even the free services will not be continued for your account whatsoever. 

To avert such type of incidents, there are a couple of things that you can do. They are described as below. 

Use a third party software that is trusted 

There are literally hundreds of software that will give you screen recording options. But not all of them have a secured firewall. In this case, you can use Quora or Reddit to ask people questions about this. You can simply ask in similar forums to learn about trusted screen recorders that you can easily use to record ring doorbell videos without a subscription. 

Because without using a trusted software, there is a high chance that you will get caught by the software of the ring doorbell and they will suspend your account. Some people come up with an idea to have a phone or a small GoPro camera sit in front of the display and record what’s being displayed on the display of the cameras interface. This might be a plausible solution to some people, but that will only increase the hassle instead of reducing it. 

Have a local server placed in between the doorbell and the mother device 

Before explaining this, let me explain what a mother device. The ring doorbell is basically connected with a device inside your home. That device can be a smartphone or a laptop or a desktop PC. This device is called a mother device which will display the footage of the camera itself. 

Now, as for the main topic. If you can place a local recording server in between the doorbell and the mother device, that can help you a lot in terms of having the footage with mint condition. 

Let me explain how this works. You might have seen that twitch streamers also refer about the device that I am about to say. There’s a small device called capture card. Most of the streamers are content creators that upload video game footage over YouTube use the capture card device. It is mainly used for capturing the footage on a computer without putting a lot of pressure on it and also having full HD quality footage saved on another device. For this thing, you would need two separate devices. It can be two separate smartphones or two separate pieces. But the bottom line is you need two of them. 

1 device will have the capability of streaming the video footage directly from ring doorbells. And the other device will use a capture card, which usually has a significantly higher amount of storage, will store the footage in a separate device. By that, you will automatically have a high quality and full HD resolution footage from your ring doorbell. 

Be aware of updates and ready to accept them 

Despite of the fact that we are getting a lot of different ways to record and save ring doorbell videos without subscription, you need to accept the fact that this is nowhere authorized by the company or the software itself. So, you would need to prepare yourself for any types of sudden mishaps. 

Because this is an alternative. Not the main way. And as it is an alternative, it is bound to have several issues. 

Ring doorbell often updates their software to prevent them from any types of third-party harms. When the company locates the fact that you are using any type of unofficial method of footage recording, the worst-case scenario can be that your account gets suspended or even shut down on a permanent basis. 

Any tiny software update from the ring software user interface could make any of the methods that you read in this article useless. Not only is this article, but information from every single article from the Internet that you get is prone to the risk of getting a software update. 


Doesn’t matter what you read in this article or anywhere else in the Internet. You need to remember that saving ring doorbell video without subscription is not possible in the long term. This can only be a short term or temporary solution for the problem that you’re having. 

You need to understand the fact that the main feature, will definitely have lower quality and usability if you are using any types of alternative methods. We are not encouraging to use the alternate method as your only way of approaching the solution. That is never recommended or assured to have good quality. 

Is it illegal to save ring doorbell videos without subscription? 

Unauthorized? Of course, yes. Illegal? To some extent, yes and no both. Now here comes the explanation. As per the authorization fact, it is obviously not approved by the authority of ring doorbell. Because they offer a subscription package which is around $3 per month for having the opportunity of saving the footage from your doorbell camera. 

But they do not impose any type of legal actions for those who are taking alternative approaches. The only initiative that they take for this type of incident is that they suspend the account and the information of the user from further using ring doorbell systems. And by suspending, you will not be even able to use the direct stream footage let go of the fact of recording it. 

How does ring doorbell work? 

Ring doorbell comes along with a smart system of capturing directly whoever is in front of the doorbell while it is being breast. It streams the footage directly to another device, which has been explained in a past paragraph on this article. And that footage can be saved on a local device with the premium subscription that ring doorbell offers. 

Ring doorbell features a dedicated security system which alerts the homeowner of any type of intruder or any type of person that is standing in front of the home at that moment. 

Basic things about alternative approaches 

There are three main methods that we have discussed in this article. The first one is capturing the whole thing with a screen recorder on your smartphone, the second point is capturing the footage with a PC with similar method, the third part is capturing via a game capture card. 

None of these methods are going to work in the long term as ring doorbell often updates their software and render any type of alternative methods useless. 

In terms of getting any type of alternative method to work for you, you need to have patience and also the mentality to look for more than one alternative. Because, as they are unauthorized methods, they are not going to have 100% authority that they will work on a system. You need to take some time and try different software and different methods of approach to make this thing work. 

The best way is that you can ask help from people who have already done this. And if you don’t have any idea or if you don’t have anyone who have already done this, you can use Quora or Reddit or similar other social media platforms to ask questions from people. One or two people will be able to help you hopefully. That is the best that you can do at this point. 


In this article we have discussed about how to save ring doorbell video without subscription. If you have any questions regarding the content or if you want to learn anything deeper, which has not been covered by this discussion. Let us know in the comments section. Or, you can reach us directly with the contact information given at the bottom of this page. 

If you want to see any further content or any type of information on something that you want, let us know. We will be more than happy to be in service for you. 

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