The best gadgets money can buy

Whether you need a new TV to escape from reality, or a new VR headset to escape from reality, or a cocktail machine to escape from reality, we have something for you.

It’s that time of year, when nothing happens. It’s a bit cold and monotonous; bored. We’re dying for a little excitement, and considering that experiences are risky because of both the weather and the pandemic, we’ll have to make do with gizmos and gizmos to fill the void left by an empty slate on the calendar. Good news: while 2021 was filled with some truly phenomenal devices, the year ahead looks just as promising.

I can assure you that we have no blockchain, NFT or crypto bro recommendations on this list, so proceed easy knowing we left that speech on Twitter. There are also only a few mentions of the metaverse, but please treat this as your disclaimer. All of these gadgets are designed to help you make your life easier, or just more beautiful, and they’re not just pictures of nicotine-addicted monkeys that you can steal with a right click. Whether you need a new TV to escape from reality, or a new VR headset to escape from reality, or a cocktail machine to escape from reality, we have something for you.


the best gadgets Tonal

I’m getting so powerful, maybe too powerful, and it’s all Tonal’s fault. Tonal makes weightlifting and resistance training really easy, and even more so, easily accessible from his own home. Which is great because I hate any kind of weight training in public, something I’m sure I’m not alone in doing. Tonal has a remarkably easy user interface and provides useful data and feedback. It also makes you feel great by keeping track of streaks and clear improvements.

Hisense 75″ U800GR 8K ULED Roku TV

Hisense 75" U800GR 8K ULED Roku TV

That’s right, I have an 8k TV and no, I’m not part of the world elite. 8k, like 5g, and 4k used to sound like a luxury, but now that brands like Hisense, which focus on a more affordable end of the spectrum, have spent some time with the technology, it can finally bring deep and stunning color output. detail in your living room. Calling it “affordable” might be a stretch, but compared to most 8k TVs that cost more than $5,000, it’s the most affordable version of the technology we’ve got.

Google – Pixel 6 Pro

Google - Pixel 6 Pro the best

It’s time to get rid of your iPhone. I said. Google has finally built an in-house phone from top to bottom, and it’s easily the smartest option on the market. This device can translate text and live video, it can pull information automatically through Google Lens, and it has one of the most beautiful and customizable user interfaces out there. Hell, this phone lets you make text conversations any color you want! There has never been a phone that has bridged the gap between Android and iOS so expertly until now, and the walls are closing in on the big A.

Oura Ring Generation 3

Oura Ring Generation 3 best gadgets

All the power of an Apple Watch on the tip of your finger, or on the forearm of your finger, the part of your finger where you wear rings, dammit. The Oura Ring 3 tracks health and medical stats without bright screens or flashy designs. This is the only sleep tracker I’ve been able to wear comfortably, and it honestly taught me a lot about my (terrible) recovery habits.

Dyson Humidify + Cool Formaldehyde Purifier

Dyson Humidify + Cool Formaldehyde Purifier best gadgets

I have a confession. I’m a big fucking nerd. The slightest drop of pollen or dander and I’m reaching for my inhaler and sobbing like crazy. But even though I can’t win outside, Dyson has created a machine that saves me time at home. This new purifier also works as a humidifier, plus it has a cooling function, making it ideal for hot, dry, stuffy apartments.

Nanosheet lines

Nanosheet lines

Sure you can always get smart light bulbs. But where’s the vibe, the style, the ritz? Nanoleaf has dramatically expanded its portfolio of immersive and customizable accent lighting, from shapes to wood paneling. And the incredibly sleek lines blend right into the wall and can change color and darkening; they can also react to sound, if you prefer. It’s 2022, get some ambient lighting.



The world of bar-hopping may be slowly making a comeback, but if we’ve learned anything in the last two years it’s that crowded bars and long waits aren’t always the best option. If you, like me, can’t make a cocktail that isn’t similar to lighter fluid, Bartesian has you covered. Bartesian isn’t the only home cocktail bar on the market, but it’s hands down the best because it allows you to use your own spirits.

Move time

Move time

I didn’t know weights could be pretty, and yet here we are. These are the most intelligently designed weight sets out there, all bundled together in a wonderfully accessible way. You may recognize tempo as the creator of one of the many workout mirrors on the market (the twist with them is that it also acts as storage for your weights), but tempo’s new motion system allows you to easily connect your phone and your application. to a TV and follow all his kick ass classes, but this time for a fraction of the price.

MacBook Pro M1

Some people accuse me of being hard on Apple. I am, but not because I don’t love them. It’s actually the kind of thing where, when you love something too much, it can easily leave you disappointed. Anyway, that’s how I felt about the 2019 MacBook Pro. Being a designer, it was my tool of choice, and they totally screwed it up. So while Apple’s mobile district still leaves a lot to be desired, it was remarkably refreshing to see them return to a more efficient and much more powerful MacBook Pro recently. We’ve got the ports and power back. The fact that you can load this baby with 64 gigs of RAM is a motion designer’s dream come true. More of this please, Apple.


VIVE Flow the best

With each passing year, virtual reality becomes more consumer-friendly. But from the groundbreaking mission launch to the now-worrying foreshadowings of the metaverse, you’d be forgiven for feeling mixed emotions in the virtual sphere. Let the Vive headset, which brings an extremely accessible and different approach to the world of virtual reality, change that. The Vive goggles are, well, a pair of goggles not unlike something you’d wear snowboarding. They are extremely lightweight with ultra-fast settings that are geared towards things like watching Netflix or meditating. They are the quietest headphones I’ve ever used and they use cameras so you can control everything with just your hands. This one is for non-gamers.

Eight Pro pre-order

Eight Pro pre-order gadgets

This has to be one of the most beautiful espresso machines ever. Simple design, easy to use, and a beautiful addition to your countertop. Also, it makes a very good shot of espresso.

LARQ Pitcher PureVis™

LARQ Pitcher PureVis™ best gadgets

Get rid of your Britta, because Larq just made your water cleaner with lightweight technology. The best part is that it somehow manages to taste clean too, and while I thought it might be a placebo, I’ve forced friends, family, and strangers to compare, and they all agree. Even if you don’t care about clean water, you will care about that, right?

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