vbx pro handheld massage therapy gun

If you have been following our website for a long time, you already know that we provide nothing but the best gadgets and equipment for you and your loved ones. In this article, we will be discussing about the Vbx pro handheld massage therapy gun

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For starting with the details of this article, let me tell you the outline of the whole thing first. This will be able to give you a basic end of exactly what type of information that you can expect from this article. 

Outline of the article 

At the very first part of it, we will discuss the main product in today’s subject. The Vbx pro handheld massage therapy gun and all of its specifications will be discussed at the first part. Following that, we will discuss some of the basic and “at a glance” list of specifications for stuff followed by the basic pros and cons of the product itself. At the very end of this article, we will discuss some of the common facts and misconceptions that people usually have for similar products. 

If you have been following our website for a long time, then you already know that at the end of this article, there will be a beginners buyers guide for everyone to have the best time for choosing the perfect product for themselves. 

The Vbx pro handheld massage therapy gun 

Let’s start with the basic specifications in the details of the product first. It is one of the most popular massage/ therapy gun available in the Amazon marketplace right now. This equipment is claimed to be suitable for releasing muscle fatigue and pain, as well as promoting a proper amount of blood circulation. It is also believed that this product is capable of reducing the lactic acid in the muscle and nervous system and let the user enjoy a relaxing time by experiencing deep tissue relaxing methods. 

vbx pro handheld massage therapy gun
vbx pro handheld massage therapy gun

With twenty different speed levels, it is one of the most popular product in the market at all time. The product is capable of giving different stages of intensity and vibration diameters at any stage. Unlike the other competitors, which only provide you with a speed regulator. This product is capable of producing several speed adjustments with several vibration diameters. Which means the intention of the vibration and the intensity of the vibration can also be controlled at any stage to any extent that you desire. 

The next good part about this is that it is a wireless massage gun. Despite of the fact that almost every product in this category is basically wireless. This is totally different from the competitors. He might be asking what is so different in this product that sets it apart from its competitors. The reason is that, the overall optimization of hardware as well as maintaining the balance of overall material and a proper battery output. The product is compact in size, shape and usability. With high performance lithium ion batteries, it is capable of producing a severely high rate of performance for longer amount of time. It is capable of giving uninterrupted services for more than two hours at a stretch. 

let’s have a look at the specifications before taking a dive into more information about the product. 

  • 20 speed 
  • Intensity control 
  • Cordless 
  • High performance battery 
  • Lightweight 
  • To rebel 
  • Long lasting 

Application of the product 

it is one of the most amazing and convenient products in the other marketplace right now. With more than 12,700 positive ratings on Amazon marketplace with 4.5 stars on average. The product is also quite efficient in terms of its pricing. With only a price tag of less than $120, it is one of those products that offer you premium quality and service within an affordable range. 

The product is compact in terms of its services and use abilities. With 10 different massage heads, this product is capable of making sure that you are able to use it at any point or any corner of your body. The professional massage heads are capable of getting deep into the muscles and blood circulation system of your body to give you the best satisfaction and ease of operation. This is a great handheld massage chair. It also comes with its own carrying case that holds literally everything that is inside the packaging. With total 15 different attachments for different parts of the body, you can literally do anything and use this product at any corner. 

Many people think that many of the handheld massage guns are only suitable for either leg, hand or facial joints. But this product is suitable for any part of the body. You can also easily hold it to your back and if it’s a proper massage that it deserves. 

20 different speed levels! 

With a LCD touch and display panel, you can easily select the perfect speed level and mode for your massage. Almost every single massage gun that you’re going to find on the marketplace are going to have speed levels. But they will not allow you to select the resonance or the frequency distance for the massage gun itself. With this product, you can easily monitor and control from the frequency to overall speed of the gun itself. This will give you the perfect comfort that you desire. 

The deep percussion on the muscle is capable of giving you a best relaxing time that you have never had. In terms of the highest speed that is available on the gun, that will give you around 2 hours of working time at a stretch. And at low speeds, you can get easily more than four hours of work time. Which is quite astonishing for a handheld device with such application. Especially for the one that is such lightweight. With a really low number of just 2.1 pounds of weight. It is one of the lightest product in the market. 

Silent power 

The product is silent. That is maybe the most highlighted part of it. In terms of massage guns, every single one of them have a tendency of making a sound. It would almost seem like that you are using a drill machine when you’re using the other products. But that is not the case when you use Vbx pro handheld massage therapy gun. this product is really powerful yet extremely quiet. Thanks to the brushless motors that give you powerful impact with a working noise less than 40 decibels. Even if you are at your home, enjoying peace cover the sound coming out from the device should not be up to the mark where you can be disturbed by it. 

And the brushless motor and the overall vibrator is capable of sending strong and powerful high frequency vibration stimulation through your body. It can effectively calm down the muscles and wake up the vitality of the body from its core. 

Positive sides of the product 

This product is capable of oscillating at a really high frequency yet within a comfortable range. The best part about the product is that it gives you the liberty to select the oscillating power and vibration force. The perfect distribution of oscillating force throughout your body it’s capable of making each of your muscles and blood vessels relaxed. Unlike the other products, it also gives you a wider attachment. So that you can hold the gun in one place and yet have a sufficient amount of coverage without moving it around too much. 

The massage guns that most people have at their home to actually have a really bad reputation. That is due to the poor application and also less versatility of their range of application at the same time. But that is not the case when you’re using this product. Sometimes massage guns provide such severe vibration and oscillating force that people are left with pain instead of relaxation. This Vbx pro handheld massage therapy gun.

Design and usability features 

With the ergonomic and lightweight design, you can have the best usability and convenience while using this product. With only 2.1 pounds of weight, it is really light and easy to carry. While using this product, it will not seem like you’re using any professional product or using something that is really difficult to operate. 

Buyers guide 

Down below is a couple of points that is worth to mention for you to have the perfect product. We only discussed about some of the common conceptions that you need to learn about before getting a Vbx pro handheld massage therapy gun.  

Battery backup 

As it is a wireless product cover having a decent battery backup is really important. Even if you’re purchasing products from other manufacturers and companies within the same category, it is really important for you to remember. Because a handheld device is totally dependable on its battery. And even if you are willing to consider the overall backup time of the battery, there are other factors that come into play. Batteries that provide lower amount of backup, tend to wear out easily and provide less power output in terms of the input that they are giving. 

Weight distribution 

As this is a massage gun, having the correct weight distribution is really important. If the product has an uneven weight distribution cover that can cause even more harm than good. To ensure a perfect experience, having a lightweight body and proper weight distribution is really important. 


Always make sure that your product has several attachments as a basic package. Because sometimes, the default attachment that is given with the massage gun is not everything that you need. Having a couple of extra attachments give you the extra edge that you seek from your product. And this will also increase the convenience of your using the product. 

Adjustable speed levels with frequency selector 

Sometimes, portable massage guns only provide a speed level selector. But they lack in terms of giving you the opportunity to select the frequency and the intensity of the vibration as well. And due to that, sometimes people are left with even pain instead of the relaxation feeling that they seek from the product itself. 

Sound control 

As massage therapy guns are mainly operated with a model and also through a vibrating force. It is obvious that the equipment is going to make a certain amount of noise. But if that level of “noise” is too much, than that can be A cause of trouble more than relaxation. Make sure that the product that you are choosing has a significantly lower rate of noise and also it is equipped with a brushless motor. Brushless motors tend to provide and produce less amount of noise in comparison with the traditional type of motor. 


In this article, we discussed about the details of Vbx pro handheld massage therapy gun. if you have any questions regarding the product or any specifications of the product then please let us know. And if you want to learn about any other product in general, or, if you want to recommend us a product to give you the review of it, let us know in the comments section as well. You can also reach us directly with the contact information given at the bottom of this page. 

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