What does a google nest mini do

Here is a list of what does a google nest mini do

  • Place music 
  • Control smart home 
  • Provides digital assistance 
  • Broadcasts from Chromecast 
Google Nest Mini

Smart home and automated systems are maybe the most trending and most popular gadget systems and digital products that have been purchased in the last couple of years. Throughout this article, we will discuss about one of the most sought gadgets of all time. We’ll learn about what does a google nest mini do.  

Detailed functions of a Google nest mini 

As people are searching for what does a google nest mini do, here is a comprehensive list to that. 

  • It uses a high quality microphone system to recognize your commands and do as instructed 
  • The state of the art voice technology plays audio from music to podcasts with high quality and streaming options 
  • It has a feature to synchronize along with your dedicated Google account to access all of the calendar reminders and additional features that you use on the go 
  • It has the capability of calling a designated person over voice command 
  • It broadcasts audio system and audio inputs from other devices using the same Chromecast platform 
  • It is basically your go to solution for having a digital assistant ready at a moment’s notice 

Google nest mini: A detailed review 

 In this part, we will discuss about a comprehensive review of the Google nest mini device. It will also clarify your question regarding what does a google nest mini do

Google isn’t just a simple search engine on the Internet anymore. Since the late 2014, Google has expanded its business in so many different sectors that it is hard to even mention all of them. One of them was creating smart home systems. 

For that, Google has not only created a smart home controller, but also tons of other equipments that go along with it. 

Google Nest Mini

Google has created all of the equipment and all of the gadgets that you would want to install in your smart home. From doors and windows to curtains and music systems. From internal heating systems to air conditioning and related other motor functions that you regularly do throughout your home. Not to mention that turn on and off the light of your room. 

For maintaining all of the smart home products, Google has been developing smartphone and computer applications for a long time. But the main target for the company was to create a central hub. For that, Google nest mini is here to help. Now you might be able to understand what does a google nest mini do

What are the key features of a Google nest mini 

Here are the key features of a Google nest mini: 

  • Built in Google Assistant 
  • Compatible with music, radio, podcast, Spotify, YouTube Music, Google podcasts 
  • Chromecast enabled 
  • Durable and recycled fabric material ensuring eco-friendly construction 

What does the Google nest mini do 

The Google nest mini is a smart home control hub. Not only it controls smart home, it can also be your personal digital assistant. If you are not living in a cave and if you have been around YouTube, then you might have seen one or two of those viral videos of Amazon Alexa, apple smart home and Google Assistant talking to each other. Yes, that is the same Google Assistant that we are talking about. 

To understand and help people with Google assistance, Google has created different devices for assisting people. And Google nest mini is one of the smallest yet feature packed device that you can get for your money. 

There are three different far- field microphone included in the device. Which makes sure that doesn’t matter how further you are from the device in the same room, it will still be able to pick up what you are saying. 

Google Nest Mini

To be honest, it would be really amazing whenever you wake up, you hear a sweet reminder that you have a meeting just an hour later. Or if you have an important class or exam later in that day. You won’t even need to remember that you actually had an important class and you won’t even need to remember to check your phone for reminders. This device is programmed to give you a reminder in an automatic basis. Unless you turn that feature off. 

How much does a Google nest mini cost 

The price of a Google nest mini device is somewhere around 34 euros. That is somewhere around $38 in the US. 

To be honest, in comparison with the other competitors, and if you are not totally obsessed with other smart home devices, in short Google nest mini is the best smart home and digital assistant that you are going to get. 

Google Nest Mini

Is Google list mini a good product for “value for money”? 

Yes it is. Here is the explanation as we are talking about “value for money”, it is important for us that to see exactly how much feature and quality that we are getting in contrast with the price that we are paying for. 

As already mentioned, a Google nest mini device costs somewhere around 38 U.S. dollars. But, within this price range, despite of the device being really small, it is still capable of punching out a really strong sound. So, even if you don’t have a completely “smart” home, it will be still helpful for you as a digital assistant. Not to mention the capability of playing your favorite music while you are working with hands down deep into something. 


Throughout this article, we discussed about what does a google nest mini do. But, as you already know, we have already gathered a lot of information on this product and discussed and shared them with you. If you want to learn about any more gadgets, even if you want a specific list for a product that you want to purchase, feel free to let us know in the comments section. 

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